It can be quite a chore when traveling to Singapore. With the traffic, the bustle, and the overbearing crowds you often find yourself wishing that you could just stay home. Luckily there are some great places in Singapore that make your trip to Singapore much more enjoyable.

These places offer an escape from the crowds and offer a great environment for relaxation and enjoyment. The Central Business District – If you are traveling to Singapore, one of the places that you should not miss is the Central Business District. This is where all the high-powered companies in the world headquarters.

You will find world-famous brands, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and many other tourist attractions in this area. Some of the attractions include Ion Plaza, Citibank Tower, and the Petrona Molybdenum statues.

In addition to all this, the free WiFi in this area allows visitors to surf the internet while they are on the go. The neighborhood of Little India – If you are traveling to Singapore, it would be wise to make a stop in Little India. Known as the cultural gateway of Singapore, it houses the local cuisine and shopping districts.

Along with this, you can also experience the unique culture of the people here through their festivals and special events. As you travel to this area, you will encounter tropical forests, wide-open spaces, historic towns, mangrove forests, and light-ups of the Singapore sky above. See this Singapore top 10 attractions list for more details from experts.

The Chingay River is ideal for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, swimming, and enjoying a picnic on the banks of the Chingay River. Other popular activities that you can enjoy here include kayaking through the mangrove forest, enjoying funicular railways, or taking a ride on Singapore’s metro rail.

The cheapest way to get around the city-state is on public transportation. But if you still want to experience the authentic Singapore experience, there are various options for you. You can always travel to the nearby cities of Penang, Malaysia, and Hong Kong and take a ferry from the Singapore Riverside.

But the best option is to rent a car from one of the many car hire providers in Singapore. And if you have no time to spare in stopping to catch a taxi at the nearest town, you can simply opt for the light-ups of Singapore that dot the streets of the city-state. Getting around the city is never a problem if you use public transportation.

But if you are traveling to some remote areas, like Bukit Timah, it will require a longer journey. To make things worse, you can always opt to ride the overhead express buses that run between the different places.

But one good thing about the overhead buses is that they will allow you to go through all the major destinations in the country without hassle. Even if you opt to ride the buses, you can always choose to travel by taking a cab at the airport or at any other safe destination in the country.

The world’s biggest mall and most popular shopping center, the Sentosa island, can be found only in Singapore. And if you are visiting in the fall, there are more chances for you to visit both the Sentosa and the Marina Bay Sands malls to enjoy some of the best Christmas shopping the island has to offer.

Other great places for visiting in the country include the Orchard Road and Oxford Street shopping districts, which boast of high-class stores and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal and at the same time to spend hours in line waiting to get into one of the stores.

If you love gardening, Singapore is your ultimate destination. There are several good places for you to visit in the country, such as the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Botanic Gardens, the northern part of the island, the southern part of the island, and the national botanical garden.

Apart from these, there are even more great places to visit in Singapore like Sentosa island, Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands Casino, and the Pacific Ocean. These are some of the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore. Therefore, whenever you are traveling to Singapore, make sure to see all these great places.