There are several considerations to consider when choosing a large parcel delivery service. You will need to factor in the cost, dimensions, packaging, and signage. After you have decided on these, you can contact a large parcel delivery service to get the quote and start arranging the delivery. This article will provide you with some valuable tips on how to choose the right service for your needs. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on large parcel delivery. It only addresses a few aspects of the delivery process. 


The costs of shipping a large parcel by parcel carrier depend on a complicated set of variables. These factors include residential delivery surcharges, handling fees, delivery zones, and proof-of-delivery fees. These factors make shipping large parcels particularly challenging. The cost of delivering a large package can be as high as $14-$16 per item. Luckily, there are ways to cut costs, while maintaining the quality of your service. 

The first step in getting a quote for a large package is to figure out the size and weight of the item. Typically, a large package has two sides that exceed 96 inches and a combined length of 130 inches. Then, there are dimensional weight calculations and surcharges. The Postal Service offers a dedicated oversized package price, which applies to boxes that measure at least 108 inches wide and 130 inches long. 

FedEx offers excellent services for sending large parcels and items. FedEx’s Ground Home Delivery service costs around $120 for a package weighing up to 70 pounds. The price for Priority Services goes up to $600. For large items that aren’t weighed more than 150 pounds, UPS and TNT offer a variety of shipping options. However, for urgent or heavy packages, you can choose UPS Air and Parcel Select services. 

The costs of large parcel delivery are dependent on the type of shipping service you choose, the size of the box, and the distance it will be delivered. Large packages are subject to special pricing based on their dimensional weight and oversized status. UPS and FedEx offer variable and flat-rate shipping options for larger and light packages. FedEx is also able to transport packages weighing up to 50 pounds regardless of their box size. 


You may be wondering what the dimensions of a large parcel are. The dimensions of a package are the internal measurements of the box itself. Shipping companies use this information to calculate dimensional weight. A rate called the DIM divisor is used to calculate dimensional weight. The longer the parcel, the larger the billable weight. Hence, the larger the box is, the larger the billable weight. Nonetheless, it is vital to pay attention to these dimensions. 


When it comes to large parcel delivery, you’ll need to pack your items correctly. A strong cardboard box, packing peanuts, and strong duct tape will protect your large items. Your shipping company will likely use a pallet to ship your items, so you’ll need to choose the correct one based on the weight. Pallets can be merged together if necessary, but be sure not to exceed the dimensions. Also, consider adding stretch foil to your parcel’s packaging for extra security. 

The time it takes for a large parcel to arrive varies, but the best option for your needs is a dedicated service. A dedicated service will deliver your large items within 24 hours. Regular transport will take anywhere from 3-5 business days. If you’re not sure of the delivery time, you can always check the estimate on your shipping account. You can also check if your delivery address will accept your item. It’s always best to have a delivery address handy so your courier driver can pick it up and transport it directly to its destination. 

Your shipping company may charge you a higher price for shipping larger parcels than usual. You can negotiate a lower shipping rate and lower DIM weight charges with your shipping provider if you are a high-volume shipper. If you don’t want to pay extra for your shipping, make sure your packaging allows for this. You can also make your parcels look good! Just remember to keep your parcel safe. Whether it’s a medium-sized one or a massive one, proper packaging is key. 

As with small parcel delivery, packaging for large parcels requires a customized solution. You’ll need plenty of space and adequate packing materials to protect your shipment. Large items can be difficult to pack properly, as they’re larger and heavier than the average item, and are more likely to be damaged during transit. Additionally, delicate cargo such as wine and electronics may need extra special attention during the shipping process. So it’s important to follow the rules for oversized parcels and use sturdy boxes. 


When it comes to shipping a large package, you’ll want to make sure it’s being signed for on both the day of delivery and at the time of receipt. You can use shipping safety signs to ensure your package is delivered in good condition. Many products are available in landscape and portrait formats to make sure the recipient receives the package on time. If you’d like to save money by consolidating your deliveries, you can do so by identifying delivery dates in advance. 

If you have an outdoor space, consider a parcel pick-up-only sign. This kind of sign is rustproof and durable and effectively limits the area where a parcel delivery van can pick up a package. The sign can be as large as 18″ by 24″ and can be either rigid or shaped like a cone. It’s also a great way to attract attention to the delivery entrance, which is often a busy area, without encroaching on customers’ space. 

Shipping Companies 

USPS is a good option if you only need to ship a small package or you don’t need a quick delivery. But once the package weighs more than a few pounds, its costs quickly shoot up. You may want to consider UPS instead, which will deliver your package faster and more securely. UPS also offers volume discounts if you’ve shopped with them in the past. However, you must show proof of previous shipments to qualify for discounts. 

You should also check the cost of shipping oversized items. While every carrier offers a quote based on weight and volumetric space, if you have a large item you’ll want to compare rates and decide which is best for you. If the package weighs more than 70 pounds, you’ll want to choose a carrier that can accommodate the extra weight. And if you’re shipping a fragile item, you should consider choosing a carrier that is trained to handle such shipments. Otherwise, you may be paying more than you should for fast delivery. 

Using a third-party shipping service is ideal for large items, as it offers a variety of options. Once you’ve selected the right carrier, you can coordinate a pickup and delivery time. Remember to have the payment ready when the shipping company picks up the package. This way, you won’t have to worry about late delivery or missing a delivery. When it comes to international shipping, DHL is a great option. Their global network of co-owned airlines allows them to provide expedited service. The DHL Air Freight service offers same-day delivery, while their international shipping services include ground transportation and international shipments. 

UPS and FedEx both offer same-day and overnight shipping, which are the most affordable methods of large parcel delivery. Express shipping allows you to ship packages overnight, while standard shipping will take several days or a week to arrive. You can also select express delivery if your delivery is urgent or isn’t urgent. All these options are great if you don’t need your parcel delivered the same day. It’s important to know the transit time for your package.