Morocco is an entrancing land of breathtaking beaches, majestic mountains and medieval cities that mesmerized Ibn Battuta during his travels of 14th century Arabia. Experience its medinas, kasbahs and souks on a guided tour through Morocco!

Achakar, located only 20 minutes away from Tangier but seemingly a world apart, lies where the Atlantic meets Mediterranean waters and features its kitschy but charming Grottes d’Hercule where Hercules is said to have split Europe and Africa apart.


Essaouira, located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is an iconic port city and resort renowned for its 18th-century seafront ramparts designed by European engineers with old brass cannons and breathtaking ocean views. Due to strong “Alizee” trade winds that sweep in from the Indian Ocean, Essaouira crescent beach offers superb surfing conditions as well as other Morroco watersports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing activities – as well as hosting Gnawa Music Festival which is known as Africa Woodstock!

Visitors to the port can witness fishermen unload their catch at markets lining its edge, while stallholders grill freshly caught seafood while seagulls soar overhead.

Morocco is often known as “the Windy City,” thanks to the cool Atlantic breeze which not only clears away any dust but also helps maintain cooler temperatures during Morocco’s hotter summers. January and February offer more mild conditions while high season peaks during July-August.

Essaouira’s former Jewish quarter features a beautiful cemetery behind a wall along Avenue Moulay Hicham. To gain entry, call caretaker Mouassine who will usher you through to view its flat white gravestones – including Haim Pinto’s hexagonal tomb, revered by Essaouira descendants (free entry; tips appreciated). Additionally, Haim Pinto Synagogue now serves as a museum while Bayt Dakira hosts a multimedia exhibit.

No traveller leaves Essaouira without taking home souvenirs; from hand-woven rugs and quirky metalwork ornaments, to locally made soaps and spices – haggling is part of shopping here, so don’t be intimidated to give haggling/bartering a try!

Restaurants and cafes around the city are equally lively; from gourmet fare at La Table by Madada, to sipping rum punch at Caravane Cafe on Rue Youssef El Fassi. At nightfall, head down to the waterfront for stunning sunset views over the water; as it slowly dims you’ll witness stone ramparts glow gold while fishing boats and seagulls appear silhouetted against the sky.


Marrakesh, Morocco’s vibrant capital city, is an entrancing and magical city that attracts both visitors and residents. A favorite among tourists for its wide array of activities, attractions and events – like tantalizing food offerings at vibrant markets to breathtaking beach sunsets – Marrakesh truly has everything.

Marrakesh boasts an illustrious history dating back nearly 1,000 years and is famous for its ornate architecture, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine – ideal for day trips or longer stays alike! To experience all its wonder, take a tour – they provide access to all its top highlights while teaching about its history and culture from an expert guide; plus there’s also the added convenience of being picked up and dropped off at select hotels!

One of the top things to do in Marrakesh is exploring its historic medina on foot. This maze of narrow streets will delight all your senses with sounds, sights, smells and scents galore; from brass musicians playing tunes on brass instruments to snake charmers and henna artists performing live henna art, the medina offers something for every visitor.

Marrakesh offers many wonderful attractions, and one great activity is visiting a traditional hammam – these baths, similar to spas, provide relaxing and therapeutic services while giving visitors an insight into Moroccan culture and traditions.

On a day trip to Marrakesh, visit the Saadian Tombs for an eye-opening experience. Situated outside of the medina and filled with ornate mausoleums for two of Morocco’s former Sultans’ daughters and sons respectively, these tombs feature intricate carved and painted decoration as well as unique mausoleums that include ornate mausoleums that rival anything found inside its medina walls.

Marrakesh offers delicious cuisine that you simply must experience for yourself, from whole grain breads and red-deep fried meat dishes, to mint tea. Don’t leave without sampling some local favorites – be sure to do!


Rabat, Morocco’s capital city and home to an array of impressive monuments, palaces and historical sites, also provides plenty of fun activities and attractions suitable for families – among these are:

Rabat offers many exciting things to do, but one of the highlights is exploring its Old Medina. This vibrant maze of streets and alleyways provides an authentic glimpse of Morocco’s past; perfect for history lovers and art enthusiasts alike! Here you will find everything from Moroccan pottery and spices to local foods.

Rabat Medina stands out from those found in Marrakech and Fes with its well-organized streets and merchants organized according to trade. Many restaurants also provide delicious meals or coffee services nearby.

Hassan Tower is one of the main draws of Rabat and surrounding area, featuring an exquisite 12th-century minaret as an architectural wonder and all that remains of an ambitious mosque that was never completed. Additionally, nearby Mausoleum of Mohammed V is an exquisite example of modern Alaouite dynasty architecture, featuring its white silhouette, green tiled roof and exquisite zellij tilework adornments.

While many travelers imagine Morocco to be predominantly desert, Rabat stands out with its distinctive coastal charm thanks to the Atlantic Ocean and Bou Regreg River. Its beaches provide ideal spots for relaxation and sunbathing; Plage de Temara in particular stands out as an enjoyable spot where one can spend a carefree afternoon.

Rabat’s Royal Palace is an eye-catching structure, even from a distance. Built to commemorate Morocco’s monarchy coronation in 1921 and featuring Moorish architectural features throughout, this grand structure can be found surrounded by gardens, administrative buildings, trees and even its own parade square.

Recent additions to Rabat Agdal’s attractions are its three-level state-of-the-art train station and shopping center – which provide trains between Casablanca and Tangier as well as other places in Rabat Agdal itself. Attractions also include several restaurants and shops located at Rabat Agdal train station.


Tangier is an urban destination that may feel unfinished at times, yet this only adds character and vibrancy to this bustling port city. With a diverse history spanning multiple cultures and an ideal position as the western gateway of Gibraltar Strait, its character stands out in many ways.

The medina, or old city, of Morocco offers narrow alleys lined with museums housed in restored mansions, historic monuments and the ever-popular souqs – many within walking distance from one another making exploring it at your own pace easier than ever!

An effective way to explore Tangier is through a guided city discovery tour led by a local guide. Such tours offer you a better insight into Morocco’s culture without having to figure everything out on your own. Furthermore, private tours provide more privacy when touring unfamiliar cities and provide less chance for group interaction which can often become daunting and overwhelming.

One of the most beloved tours in Tangier is Cap Spartel and Caves of Hercules, offering visitors an amazing day trip out of town that takes them up onto Cap Spartel before crossing over to reach the caves – which have long been beloved destinations among Western cultural figures, such as author Paul Bowles.

An unforgettable activity to experience during your stay in Tangier is taking part in a cooking class. Not only will you gain the opportunity to master Moroccan culinary traditions, but you’ll also be able to bring these skills home with you so they can be shared with friends and family back at home!

If you are in Tangier looking for the ultimate place to relax and unwind during your visit, look no further than one of its Riads. These architecturally unique buildings combine history and architecture into an inviting stay for vacationers who offer amenities to help make them feel at home during their visit.