Get recommendations.

Ask family, friends, and those you trust who they think of when they think of moving services. Check the Better Business Bureau: Look for a company that has had its records checked. As for our sincere suggestion, we urge you to head on over to the website of this moving company.

Do your research.

If a company is not licensed or insured, call their insurance agent or get estimates from other movers for their services. Get quotes: You should get at least three estimates before you make your decision on which company to use. Then you can narrow down your options to two, three, or four to make an informed decision.

Hire a company that uses a quality moving truck.

A good moving truck with equipment that works well will make your job faster and easier, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the property. Look at the equipment: A moving company that makes sure their equipment is up to code and safe should be preferred.

Don’t hire a company without moving experience.

You can hire a company that has been doing it for years or just people with a passing interest in moving. Get references: Ask friends, family, and others you trust for recommendations. Make sure to ask about their experiences with the company.

Get a written estimate.

If you aren’t happy with a quote after getting one, don’t hire the company. Get several quotes to compare and make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. A well-written estimate should include information about the company’s reputation, customer service, equipment, and the time and cost to complete the move.

Make sure your customer service meets your expectations.

Your customer service should be prompt and courteous, but also timely. Give the company a chance to explain what they expect and work with them to ensure that your expectations are met. Give them detailed information on the time they will be available to help move your belongings if the move becomes more complicated than expected. Follow up:

Let them know when you need assistance to make sure they keep in contact with you during the entire move so you are comfortable with your provider.

Your moving company should be someone you feel comfortable with, even if you are not familiar with them. People you know are usually easier to reach than strangers. Also, make sure to let them know what you need, such as the size of the moving boxes or the color or materials to use and you don’t let someone else choose boxes or materials.

Hiring a moving company can be stressful at times, but with careful planning, it shouldn’t be too hard. If you are in doubt, contact your insurance company or Better Business Bureau to find out what you can expect. If you live in an area where laws regarding moving are different from the state you live in, speak to your local government’s consumer protection agency.

They should be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about hiring a moving company. Make sure you’re clear on your expectations from the start. Decide what you are and aren’t willing to do and what you’re willing to pay. Be sure you have a contract before anything gets started.

Make sure you have a contract that includes the time frame, what to expect, and who should be contacted if there are any delays. While you may feel intimidated by the prospect of talking to a stranger about moving, it can be important business transactions between you and the moving company.

This is one of the things you should avoid if you feel unsure about the company’s safety and ability to meet your needs. Remember that hiring a moving company is a good choice for most. But just like with most things, you should research well before you make the final decision.