One of North Carolina’s premier destination beaches Kiawah Island has a long history of offering visitors many fun-filled activities. It is also a barrier island, or peninsula, off the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina. Found just 25 miles from Charleston in Charleston County, South Carolina, It is primarily a popular public golf and beach resort.

As one of North Carolina’s most popular destinations, Kiawah Island offers a wide range of activities for every taste and budget. The most popular activities in Kiawah include water activities like boating, jet skiing, and wakeboarding. The beach is an eight-mile-long body of water, clear, and safe to navigate along.

Numerous guided tours are offered to educate tourists about the natural and cultural history of the area. Guided tours include trips to nearby historical sites of natural beauty. In addition, participants will be given hands-on instruction on equipment use and safety techniques while on the water.

Other guided activities include deep-sea fishing, kayaking, hiking, and water skiing. Kiawah Island is home to several attractions that provide entertainment for tourists on days away from the beach. Two amusement parks on the island feature a combination of rides and games including glow in the Dark Mardi Gras Racing, Ka-Boom!

Visitors can find restaurants and specialty shops, dive stores and gift shops, movie shows, and night concerts at the beach. Fishing is a popular activity on Kiawah Island, and residents and visitors can fish well for miles on end.

Several charter fishing boats offer fishing excursions, and several guides are on hand to help novices become expert fishermen in no time. Visitors may also enjoy other water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, tubing, and swimming.

Beach parties are a favorite night activity in Kiawah City. Live music and dancing are part of most beach parties, and the top venues offer food and drink specials throughout the day. Kiawah Island hosts top DJ bands as part of its celebrations as well.

Some of these parties feature coconut and banana boats that whisk visitors away on the mystical journeys of the islands. Bird watching is one of the favorite activities on Kiawah Island. The island features a large variety of exotic birds, many of which are protected and are not for sale.

Many bird watchers come to the island each day to spot a variety of different species. There are also tours of different bird species, held at different times of the day. Kiawah Bird Tours also offers educational activities and information about conservation efforts on the island.

Other guided birding trips include trips that take visitors to the Stearns Wharf Marine Science Center, where they can view sea turtles and sharks. Scuba diving tours are another popular option for visitors who want to experience something new and exciting on their trip to the island.

Scuba divers can go snorkeling, but many opt for an up-close look at the beautiful coral and fish life found nearby. Trips can be scheduled to include lunch and a guided excursion to different areas of the reef or to a resort that offers scuba lessons in diving. Moreover, here’s more on what you need to know when traveling to Kiawah.

The abundance of activities on Kiawah Island makes it a great destination for any type of vacation or trip. Activities vary from luxurious beachfront hotels to secluded cottages and camping sites. Whatever the choice, visitors are sure to have a fun time on Kiawah Island.

One of the largest attractions on the island is the Two Medicine Bay State Historic Landmark. The two-acre historic landmark is home to a Civil War battlefield, a luxury resort, and a cultural center. It also offers a walking trail that leads visitors to an interpretive center where they can learn more about the area’s history.

Fishing charters are another option for those who would like to spend some time on Kiawah Island. Many charters are located on the Big Lagoon and offer fishing trips at two to four piers. Other charters can take tourists out for dolphin watching and dolphin feeding activities.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions on the island is the Two Medicine Bay, State Park. This park has miles of sandy beaches that stretch from its center to the waters of the western part of town.

The parks’ beach area is divided into sections designated for public access and other areas for hikers and bikers only. Hiking maps and brochures can be purchased at the park office and a shuttle is available to ferry visitors to different beaches.