Freedom of speech is an essential basic right of an individual. The right to freedom of expression augments all other human rights, which allows our society to develop and prosper. Without freedom of speech, it would be impossible to bring about change and progress in our society.

With free speech comes not only the ability to express or voice out your opinions but also the capability to listen to others and let other people’s views and opinions be heard. Hence, freedom of speech also paves the way for people with radically opposing viewpoints to live together harmoniously without violence.

LondonFieldsRadio is a stand-alone, nonprofit organization that seeks to rally for and defend freedom of speech worldwide.

LondonFieldsRadio stands firm on our belief that every individual should have the liberty to express one’s self without the fear of being harmed or persecuted – regardless of your views may be. Our goal is to spread information and raise awareness about any forms of threats to free expression. We believe that free expression is crucial for change, and we want to promote the value of freedom of expression as a fundamental element of societal progress.

LondonFieldsRadio features original and creative articles and posts about freedom of speech across the globe. Here, you can also find additional information and current news that impact and threaten our rights to free expression.

Aside from spreading information and monitoring the threats to free speech, our online platform also supports and encourages meaningful debates that help fortify the people’s understanding of free expression. To achieve our goals, we invest our time and resources on various researches, reporting, media campaigns, social media engagements, and digital advocacy.

The right to free expression is valuable. It is not merely a good idea, but it’s the law. Join us in our campaign in upholding freedom of speech and help us fight censorship across the world.