Page One, Vol. 50

Page One, Vol. 50 by London Fields Radio on Mixcloud

Recorded in Hove during the amazing heatwave of earlier this year, Charles Adrian sits down for this 35th Second-Hand Book Factory with Swiss theatre maker and performer Marcel Schwald. They talk about the importance of celebrating of imperfection and of reading Gertrude Stein aloud, exhausting Charles Adrian’s knowledge of Civil War battles on the way. The second music track, by the way, is a mystery – if anybody recognises it, we would be very grateful for any information that you might have; you can, of course, leave a comment on Charles Adrian’s web site (for those listening through Mixcloud, the address is, and you can follow the links to Page One).

Book listing:
The Book Of Tea – Okakura Tenshin
The English Civil War, A People’s History by Diane Purkiss
The Making Of Americans by Gertrude Stein

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Posted on: August 29, 2013

Page One, Vol. 48

Page One, Vol. 48 by London Fields Radio on Mixcloud

For the 34th Second-Hand Book Factory, Charles Adrian is with artist and lecturer Hannah Rickards at her home in Clapton. Their discussion touches on travel writing, the fascination of the north, the abstraction of art from reality and a certain kind of self-confidence. To find out more about Hannah’s work, follow the links below.

Book listing:
‘Arctic Dreams’ by Barry Lopez
‘Palomar’ by Italo Calvino
‘Give My Regards To Eighth Street’ by Morton Feldman……


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Posted on: August 13, 2013

Page One, Vol. 47

Page One, Vol. 47 by London Fields Radio on Mixcloud

Kiran Chauhan, fun-time carpenter and serial enthusiast, joins Charles Adrian on Hampstead Heath for the thirty-third second-hand book factory. In this edition, Charles Adrian is a little condescending on the subject of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Kiran tells the story of his discovery of Kings of Convenience. There is also the most beautiful slice of Joni Mitchell.

Lissa, incidentally, who is mentioned towards the end, is Charles Adrian’s younger sister; his interview with her is Page One 41. And James, whose birthday is the 5th of August, when this podcast goes on-line, is Kiran’s partner.

Books included in this show are:
Orlando by Virgina Woolf
Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
By Night In Chile by Roberto Bolaño

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Posted on: August 5, 2013

Page One, Vol. 46

Page One, Vol. 46 by London Fields Radio on Mixcloud

For this, the thirty-second Second-Hand Book Factory, Charles Adrian interviews his father, Roland Gillott, on board the narrow boat Dream Weaver. Bobbing gently, moored to a towpath somewhere along the Kennet and Avon Canal, they discuss the coming anniversary of the First World War, the cheering optimism of Katie Melua and a thrilling piece of family publishing history. The picture used for this podcast is taken from the first edition of The Biography Of A Locamotive and not from the facsimile edition, which has a dirty-looking, shiny, marbled, beige design.

Books included in this show are:
‘My Dear, I Wanted To Tell You’ by Louisa Young
‘The Best Of Rumpole’ by John Mortimer
‘The Biography Of A Locomotive’ by Henry Frith

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Posted on: July 31, 2013

Page One, Vol. 45

Page One, Vol. 45 by London Fields Radio on Mixcloud

Joining Charles Adrian for the thirty-first Second-Hand Book Factory is part-time artist Henry Blackshaw. This is a mellow half hour of gentle tunes and short literature in which Henry and Charles Adrian look at links between fairy tales and real life and Henry brings a book by one of the teenage Charles Adrian’s favourite authors. Get ready to feel your spine tingle.

Books included are:
‘Hansel And Gretel’ by The Brothers Grimm
‘Sexing The Cherry’ by Jeanette Winterson
‘Not After Midnight’ by Daphne Du Maurier

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Posted on: July 22, 2013