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Posted on: June 24, 2017

Lot of French disco 🙂
In the pursuit of arousing curiosity and discoveries,
Samad JBLE introduces a show where the lack of pattern or predictability is crucial.
A random sequence of music that has no order and does not follow a clear pattern or combination.
Samad JBLE:
Cadavre Exquis “CDXQ”:

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Natural Element #40: May 2017

Posted on: June 20, 2017

Show #40 recorded on Tuesday 30th May 2017. A super varied selection on this one with a nice blend of new discoveries and forgotten gems.

Lots of cuts that I’ve been playing out as well as some slept on hip hop and soul in the first half. Check out my recent re-edit of Pleasure’s “Joyous” around the half way mark.


Catch the show every month, and follow Leopold and his show here:…

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Small Screen’s Film Club: Alien Covenant / Mindhorn

Posted on: June 19, 2017

Hello, and welcome to Small Screen’s Film Club, the radio show in which Alessia and I (my name’s Ed by the way) discuss a movie we have watched that week, much like you would in a book club.

On this week’s episode, we actually discuss two films: Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant and Julian Barratt’s Mindhorn. Did we love them? Did we hate them? Listen to the show and find out. (more…)

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Sample Nation x Maj Duckworth Vol.8 : James Brown and HipHop

Posted on: May 23, 2017

Maj Duckworth is Celebrating the legendary James Brown’s Birthday and his contribution to Hip Hop with a twist on the usual theme. This week is all HipHop that’s sampled, Mr Dynamite. Moving through the 80s into the 90s and a small taste of some 2000 era HipHop, all taking inspiration from the Godfather of Soul and his music.
Throughout the show Maj Duckworth will be giving you a musical education with some James Brown facts and the Drum section is back, but just a little different, it’s all songs that have used the famous Funky Drummer Break.

Hope you enjoy

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