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ZUM ZUM #2 with Capeo

Posted on: April 12, 2017


Segnor CAPEO, Dj and east London Tropical ZUM ZUM party organiser.
The ZUM ZUM show (like the party) is an eclectic musical fruit-salad mostly exploring the African, Latin and Caribbean diaspora through music.

Tracklist: (more…)

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The Dancing Misanthrope’s March Disco Missive

Posted on: March 1, 2013

The Dancing Misanthrope’s March Chart 2013 Mix by Dancingmisanthrope on Mixcloud

At the timing of writing, it doesn’t look like we’ve getting an early spring. On the bright side, Easter is coming early this year, which can only mean an epic weekend marathon of parties you can rave to. But before we reach the end of the month there’s still plenty in March to make you go mad – not all necessarily immediately on your Hackney doorstep, but you’ll thank yourself for making the extra trek.

There’s a long-awaited album getting the party it deserves, the greatest live band in the world with their own heavily-anticipated debut to come, the best kind of tribute disco party for one of the biggest bands in the world finally back on tour and the best DJ ever set to take the crowd on one last amazing musical journey. And if you think there’s been a severe breach of abusing hyperbole just now, then read on and find out for yourself.

You can also listen to the Dancing Misanthrope chart mix for March, featuring new exciting sounds from The Asphodells, Kavinsky and The Knife as well some fantastic remixes from Factory Floor and Lindstrom, as well as a couple other surprises.


March 2, Netil House

The only album hailing from France that electro nuts have been anticipating, other than Daft Punk, that is, Kavinsky’s ‘Outrun’, produced by Ed Banger’s prince of darkness SebastiAn, has finally reached the end of its journey. The only thing to do apart from playing this audio equivalent of pulp 80s noir cinema in your ears on repeat is to get down to the launch party in Hackney. Also featuring Riton and brilliant Belgian duo Mumbai Science (who also remixed the track ‘Protovision’) to keep the party going all night long, it’s certainly the first of several more unmissable French electronica rave-outs to expect in coming months.

£25; 9pm-4am.


March 14, ICA

Kraftwerk aren’t the only band to play in an art gallery space, though if you’re familiar with the workings of post-industrial trio Factory Floor, it wouldn’t be crazy to put them in the same lineage. Admittedly, the ICA does put on standard gigs too, but then Factory Floor don’t do ‘standard’. As part of their one-year Associate Artist residency, they will be creating a unique sonic experience unlike any other, collaborating with avant-garde soundscaper, Simon Fisher Turner, who will be reworking the band’s sounds with his own for a special live performance. As the first Factory Floor gig of the year, it’ll also be your first opportunity to listen to much of their material from their long-awaited debut album, which we can only expect to be every bit as astounding as the mind-throbbing ecstasy of new single ‘Fall Back’.

£7/8; doors 8pm.


March 20, Electrowerkz

We first became friends with Icona Pop when they were DJing and singing all around the London scene. But since their riotous anthem ‘I Love It’ exploded onto dancefloors, Caroline and Aino have only seen their profile grow, especially after relocating to New York and getting a little help from HBO hit show ‘Girls’. Yet, outrageously, ‘I Love It’ never actually saw an official release in the UK. However, that will finally be rectified when the single is released along with a handful of remixes on the 17th March. To coincide with that, they’ll also be coming back to London for this one-off gig at the intimate Electrowerkz. Get ready to stomp and shout with joy: “I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT!!!”

£8.50; doors 7pm.


March 23, Queen of Hoxton

Everyone likes a birthday party and, to be honest, it’s a whole lot easier when the birthday belongs to a venue  it means you’ll know where to end up and it’s guaranteed good dance music! So to celebrate its fourth birthday, Queen of Hoxton’s not only decking out the party confetti, mirror balls and cake, but behind their literal decks will also be a banging supply of DJs, with special guests Roberts Owens and Alan Braxe set to bring their respective legendary Chicago house and French Touch style onto the dancefloor. Keeping it real with the London talent will also be regular party-starters Orlando Boom, Amp & Deck, Slothboogie and Capita!, to name just name a few. Lots of DJs, lots of space to dance, and lots of cake: the perfect ingredients for any birthday bash.

£4/6; 8pm-4am.


March 23, The New Empowering Church

In case you weren’t so lucky to get your ticket for Fleetwood Mac’s reunion tour in the autumn (or just weeped at the ticket prices), then there is an alternative. And we don’t mean tribute bands. Started last year by our DJ friend Roxanne Roll (also Smooth Sailing with Mr Sushi), Fleetmac Wood is dedicated to purely playing Fleetwood Mac songs re-fitted for the dancefloor (excluding covers, be grateful for that), and there’s no shortage of quality from their producer fans – just check out the most recent mix for a taster.

Featuring a line-up of Fleetwood fanatic DJs, including Pete Wheeler (Buttoned Down Disco, Dance London Dance and Reading’s Skint Mondays), whether you’ve missed out on the real gigs or paid up top dollar, this remains an unmissable event in a big year for the Mac. And before we forget, the party theme is White Winged Love theme, so find something white or winged or both and go dance!

£8; 9pm – 3am



March 28, Fire

Since 2008, and increasing by one hour each year, Easter Thursday has been about the all-round influential, versatile and downright legendary Erol Alkan’s marathon challenge, which comes to its natural conclusion at double figures. A true one-man show taking in all sounds across the spectrum, which really means the dedicated should ensure that you arrive right at the start of the journey, from chilled psychaedlia to electro curveballs, special extended edits and reworks, effortlesslyt cutting and mixing bangers that have made his name across genres and dancefloors from Bugged Out parties to epic festival tents to opening for Daft Punk, right back to Trash-era anthems, obscurities and beyond. When you think of all that, 10 hours isn’t really enough. But we’re sure Erol will make this finale the best he can, and you’ll want to be there down the front for it.

£12; 9pm-7am.


March 28, Village Underground

If you prefer keeping your Easter shenanigans East, then there’s plenty of delicious electro disco to be had from French music and fashion label Kitsuné, who always throw some fantastic seasonal parties. For this one at Village Underground, they have an international flavour of DJs to create as good as any of their French electro brethren can muster, with Brazil’s answer to Daft Punk, The Twelves, Minneapolis-based underground disco producer Gigamesh and, back to the Continent, Aeroplane representing the Eurocrats in the best way. Also expect a showcase of the label’s own bands performing live including Berlin-based D E N A, bringing pop, house and R&B vibes rolled into one, and London dance-punks Is Tropical, who are due back with a stomping new album soon. All guaranteed to keep you going right til a very Good Friday!

£14.50; 10pm-6am.


March 30, South Palace Hotel + XOYO

Already having some of the most enviable programming on the London scene, or anywhere, the crew behind XOYO and The Nest continues to go another level to the parties they can do, which brings us to XOYO LOVES, a new series of bespoke events designed to push their favourite artists and DJs into as creative and exciting ways as possible. As to what that entails, their first event probably says it best with Skream, a man who came to prominence in dubstep but has since opened up a whole diverse range of sounds and history to his crowds hungering for more than just the ‘drop’. This Skreamizm party, happening both in the daytime at Shoreditch’s South Palace Hotel as well as XOYO at nite (and also a luxury hotel room package if you fancy living it up), features Loefah’s new disco-led outfit Norwood Soul Patrol, Krystal Klear, Route 94, Copy Paste Soul and hype man Sgt Pokes. Certainly expect nothing less than an Epic Easter!

£12.50/£25/£225. Day: 2–9pm, Nite: 9pm – 3am.

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The Dancing Misanthrope’s February Disco Missive

Posted on: January 31, 2013

While we’ve had bitter freezing and flooding to overcome for the start of 2013, the nod to spring immediately gets everyone yearning for warmer weather, aided by all these exciting festival announcements and new albums along the horizons. But rest assured that in the present, there’s plenty to be content and excited about.

This month’s got a lot on offer to make you fall in love with electronic music all over again, from the most exciting sounds from the underground be they new, veteran but always fresh, and quite a few doing it live just like it says on the tin. Also check out my chart mix for this month, featuring a bit of a contrast of sounds to say the least: yes, there’s David Bowie, Factory Floor, Todd Terje, Daniel Avery and Justin Timberlake all in the same mix. Why not!

The Dancing Misanthrope’s February Chart 2013 Mix by Dancingmisanthrope on Mixcloud

Feb 1, The Nest

Dalston’s finest basement club The Nest starts February with electro-disco nite Scandalism, bringing a double dose of French to the party. Yuksek’s made it good on his own material and performing live using his own vocals. But he still knows how to work a crowd from behind the decks by just playing great, buzzing nu-disco electro, his bunch of a remixes for the likes of Phoenix, The Shoes, M83, Oh Land, and, in turn and his productions that get the rework treatment from his peers, including The Magician, Aeroplane and Brodinski. He’s joined by fellow Parisian DJ-producer-remixing-blogging-label-managing duo Get A Room, while Bangor-based Deaf By Disco are also in town to support.

£7, 9pm-4am,


Feb 1, Birthdays

He’s gained a lot of underground buzz as the go-to guy for remixing (his work so far includes remixes for Grimes, Lianne La Havas, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Lil’ B and, most recently, Cat Power), but Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth is finally making his UK debut with a live show at this night presented by Maybach. It also featuring their residents Altered Natives, Slackk, Tom Lea and Oil Gang. Better yet, the event is completely free! So that’s definitely a worthwhile option to tempt you in Dalston at the start of February too, especially as it’s at buzz club Birthdays, just opposite The Nest.

FREE, 10:45pm-2.45am,


Feb 2, XOYO

Following their successful sell-out Weekender in Butlins (during a period of massive snowfall, no less), Bugged Out return to XOYO for a night with regular favourite Fake Blood. But, though Theo’s a great DJ, the real reason we’re feeling ecstatic about this is because Kölsch’s name on the bill. If you don’t know this enigmatic producer, you’ll definitely know his tracks ‘Loreley’, ‘Opa’, ‘Der Alte’, which revered DJs Erol Alkan’s, Andrew Weatherall’s (and Theo’s too, obviously) recent sets would be incomplete without. Expect the dancefloor to be completely blown away with his live set, hopefully bringing the Berlin Panorama vibes direct to the Big Smoke. Fellow Blood Music artist LeBreton completes the line-up.

£15 approx (advance sold out, MOTD), 9pm-3am


Feb 7, The Shacklewell Arms

With commercial artists like Rihanna and Azealia Banks superficially dabbling with lo-fi DIY aesthetics (hell, even the new Sky Ferreira video, as much as we love her), it’s important to bring your attention back to those artists whose audio and visual work is really all their own. Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, but building up her soundscapes from city to city, from Lisbon to London and New York, Maria Minerva is one of those great counterbalances of pop music from the underground: avant-garde pop and disco filtered and reverberated through the murky noises of Throbbing Gristle, if you will. Hopefully her live sets will also bring this sound and vision beyond the bedroom laptop musician’s trappings too at what should be a visceral, atmospheric gig.

£8, doors 8pm,


Feb 14, Village Underground

Whether or not you have a loved one on Valentine’s Day, there couldn’t really be a better way to spend it than having an en masse electronic love-in with Dan Deacon. He’s the kind of guy you need to make those important protest marches not feel so dreary: his latest album ‘America’ is, after all, a kind of patriotic protest album that explodes with euphoric energy rather than rage. His musical genius ranges from composing film scores for Francis Ford Coppola to doing crazy things to pop music, like mashing up Grimes, Gangnam Style and about 50 other songs into a mini album ,or overlaying Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ 147 times to astounding and scary effect. But his live shows are where he lets the madness loose with no bounds. There’s no other musician that gets audience participation like Dan Deacon, as this video proves: If that wasn’t enough, Mozart’s Sister, another from the Montreal DIY scene following Grimes, Purity Ring and Doldrums, will also be there to support.

£11, doors 7:30pm,


Feb 22, Factory 7

If you missed out on Simian Mobile Disco’s blinding live shows last autumn, worry not. Back from their US tour (and hopefully enlightening beer bros on the finer wines of the ‘EDM’ spectrum), Jas and James come back for a mini European tour, including this London date playing their fantastic live set at a warehouse party. Not that glorified DJ sets with fancy lights and props can’t be mind-blowing experiences (Justice and Boys Noize are just two examples, in particular) but it doesn’t really get more exciting than seeing this duo playing off what is essentially their analogue studio gear on stage, with improvising and remixing all along the way. For the full club experience, there’s also a full support including Untold, South London Ordnance and Matt Walsh.
£15-20, 10pm-late


Feb 23, Oval Space
One of our favourite new spaces in London, Oval has at least four parties in 2013 that are worth checking out. First up is this beauty, thanks to Joy Orbison, who’ll be curating the series entitled ‘Just For You’ along with promoters Black Atlantic. This first one here is headlined by Hessle Audio’s Ben UFO, who is getting a lot of just attention and acclaim for his recent FabricLive mix, along with Orbison himself, while support comes from New York duo Mister Saturday Night and London’s Blackest Ever Black member, Raime. For those who like their raves with more aesthetics than just a dark room with occasional flashes, Orbison’s Hinge Finger label partner Will Bankhead will be in charge of creating the look for each night, promising a unique combination of artwork and light installations to complement the dance.
£15, 10pm-6am,


Feb 16, Loft Studios

Though this is a somewhat belated London launch party for his Clouded Vision Experiment compilation, released last November, and though it isn’t anywhere in east London – it’s actually way out west – Matt Walsh’s party is definitely worth the wait. He has put together the highest grade line-up, headlined by none other than electroclash’s most prominent voice and educator, Miss Kittin. Still going strong with one of our favourite dance tracks of last year, ‘Girlz’ (which was also recently reworked by Riton for his Ed Banger solo release), we couldn’t be more excited for her to lead us on the dancefloor. It, of course, gets even better that she’s got the best supporting men possible, in the shape of Daniel Avery and Justin Robertson, who together have contributed one of the highlights of the Clouded Vision compilation. Individually, Avery’s been busy with many a fantastic production for Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label and has just recently started hosting a monthly slot on Rinse FM, while Robertson’s also got a new album of beats to enrapture us, coming soon, under his Deadstock 33s moniker. This one’s seriously not to be missed.

£15, 10pm-6am,

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The Dancing Misanthrope’s Disco Missive: a guide to the best club nights in east London in January 2013

Posted on: January 4, 2013

Hurrah! The world didn’t end and we’re through to 2013. Now let’s keep the banging flame burning and take it to the dancefloor. Whether you want proper live dance acts, old-school dirty disco, noisy electro or just a one-man show to take you through the best club sounds, here’s a selection of great January nights in east London for your dancing diaries. You can also check out my latest January mix, with a blend of indie-electronics from Eaux, deep house sounds including festive upstarts Festival Girlfriend, and also of course some great new French electro from Brodinski and Kavinsky here. And, as usual, read on for my guide to the best club nights, gigs and parties in east London.


The Dancing Misanthrope’s January Chart 2013 Mix by Dancingmisanthrope on Mixcloud


Scandalism has already confirmed a solid programme for the first couple of months of 2013, and they launch headfirst into its first Friday with a vengeance with Studio 54 legend Francois K headlining proceedings. He’s joined by equally formidable electronic talent, including Duke Dumont, who has been producing flawlessly sexy house hits like ‘The Giver’ and ‘Street Walker’, and live acid from Bulgarian producer KiNK, voted No. 5 in Resident Advisor’s Best Live Act of 2012 poll. Also playing live are Kitsuné-signed band Is Tropical, who have been off the radar most of last year but are back with a new album. We also recall they caused quite the ruckus last time they played XOYO, so expect mayhem!
£12.50, 9pm-3am. Facebook event.

TOMORROW: Jan 5, The Book Club

The new bi-monthly disco night from the boys behind Orlando Boom had a terrific launch in November and they’re ready to go deeper with their second party in the beautiful space of The Book Club. Who better to have crate-digging rare disco gems for the party than disco deviants In Flagranti? Also giving a dancefloor education is Rhythm Connection host and all-round unpredictable selector Nadia Ksaiba. Together with the Kate Boss crew, this is your one-way ticket to the height of New York’s disco underground at its best: dirty and delicious.
£3 guestlist, 8pm-2am. Facebook event.

Jan 11, The Nest

The French electro label home to Justice, SebastiAn, Mr Oizo and Breakbot, to name but a few, hits a milestone decade in 2013 and will  be celebrating with a massive bash planned for March. But before that, Ed Banger’s head honcho Pedro Winter AKA Busy P will be coming back to The Nest in Dalston to throw a wild basement party, hopefully much with the same vibes as the Dalston club’s fifth birthday in October. And this time, Pedro’s bringing along the latest member of the Ed Rec famille, Boston Bun, who seemingly came out of nowhere and hit our dancefloor blind spot with his addictive ‘Housecall’ EP in late in 2012. Riotous Rockers, the loveable duo behind ASBO parties at Camden’s the Lock Tavern (incidentally, their next party is the night after), are also on-hand to support this banging night.
£7, 9pm-4am. Facebook page.

Jan 19, The Nest

Kiwi (aka Alex Warren) has been a pretty busy boy with his musical/promoting fingers in many pies, running Orlando Boom, disco sister Kate Boss and being a resident/mover and shaker for club night Durrr, as well as a resident DJ at The Nest’s Saturday Lemonade parties. He’s also been busy making his own smooth disco house grooves, from sampling, bootlegging, funky edits and some fully-formed tracks we should hopefully see get a release in 2013. This special four-hour set ought to be the perfect showcase for his sounds that are sure to spice up many an east London DJs’ set this year.
£5, 9pm-4am. Facebook event.

Jan 25, Power Lunches

After disappearing from Dalston for the whole of last year for some mysterious exploits around the world, it’s a delight to learn that loud DIY electro-noise band Teeth are back. They’ll be playing their first returning show at Power Lunches, a small basement space that seems perfect for them to turn into a dank riot (past shows have seen their electronics man Ximon jumping about the stage like a posturing rock guitarist, albeit with a MacBook). No doubt they’re got some new material to play out on the night too, but if your ears haven’t opened up to the joy of noise yet, you can stream their whole first album ‘Whatever’ over on on their Soundcloud.
£7, Facebook event.

Jan 25, Village Underground

Despite this event’s ‘live’ tag, people should probably not go expecting Boys Noize to perform last autumn’s full live show complete with the huge LED-flashing skull. That said, no one need doubt Alex Ridha’s live mixing skills and a ticket to any Boys Noize show is a night with some of the best buzzing electro you can rave out to. Also joining him on the night are producers from his own Boys Noize Records label D.I.M and SCNTST – oh, and you get a copy of the Boys Noize cover edition of Mixmag with Mix CD too with your ticket. Everyone likes a freebie, right?
£16, 10pm-4am, Facebook page.

Jan 26, Basing House

These days it’s rare for DJs to play longer than a one-two hour set ,so it has to take an exceptionally knowledgable and skilful one to guide their crowd through an entire night by themselves with more than just bangers. So far, our only experience of this has been Erol Alkan’s own traditional Easter Thursday marathons, but this concept from ‘A Night With…’ events are also strictly just that: massive all-nighters with just one DJ guiding the tunes. Kickstarting their 2013 season is Trevor Jackson, a legend of the electro underground and no stranger to any kind of party, which last year included playing at Phantasy’s takeover of Fabric, as well as a special guest for Daniel Avery and Matt Walsh’s Movement Club. His latest compilation, last year’s Metal Dance, is an indication of just what to expect this time: new beat, EDM, industrial and proto-disco.
£10-15, 10pm-6am. Event info.


Jan 18-20, Butlins, Bognor Regis

Already giving the best 12 hours of 2013 so far on New Year’s Day, Bugged Out are clearly showing up everyone in how to keep the festival spirit burning, whatever the season. Following the success of their first Weekender last year, they’re back at the unlikely destination of Butlins in Bognor Regis with an even bigger, bolder line-up. 2013 has its work cut out to produce another weekend line-up of this magnitude: joining forces with promoters Krankbrother, Urban Nerds, Union, Just Jack and Junk Department and featuring the very best emerging DJs today like Daniel Avery, Blawan, Disclosure and established names like Erol Alkan, Heidi, Brodinski, right down to those immovable legends Andrew Weatherall, Frankie Knuckles and The Chemical Brothers (and that’s just skimming a sample of the sounds you can expect) And did we mention that, in true holiday park style, there are water slides in the daytime? The whole weekender’s practically sold out apart from a few standard apartment spaces – or treat yourselves to the VIP hotel packages that are still available.

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