søunds fløating arøund: oct17.3 (by this is a prøject.)

Posted on: October 26, 2017

‘søunds fløating arøund’ is a monthly compilation of tracks hand picked by this is a prøject. it’s all about eclecticism so expect various genres of music, including jazz, funk, soul, disco, nu-disco, electronica, balearic, chill/deep house & others.

afro muza dropped by the cafe & played a vinyl only set. a bit more about natalya in her own words: « i’m natalya (afromuza), i can’t remember the time before i was an audioholic. i’d say my parents are to blame ‘cause they took me to see a whole bunch of incredible live shows as a kid – michael jackson, george benson, santana and bueno vista social club to name a few. i’ve dabbled in various arts my whole life, but hearing, playing and making music gives me my greatest fix. i write songs, sing songs, spin vinyls and am working on a techno ep with bugaboh at the moment. my tastes range from soul, funk and disco to house, techno and beyond. i also get a kick out of cheekily serving up camembert (soft cheese) … and you won’t mind indulging. »

she will be playing alongside dj bugaboh, keisuke & myself at the upcoming søunds spinning arøund party, which will take place on the 13th of may @ club makossa, dalston kingsland.

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