Fush and Chups, Vol. 9

Posted on: August 22, 2011

London Fields Radio’s resident New Zealanders return with more Kiwis-in-Hackney banter and fresh NZ music to spin.

So the London riots happened this week, all around us shocked little Kiwis. Hear our first hand experiences and out on the street wandering reportage. Also big news – Dean is moving to Bordeaux so this is his last show for a few months, although he will still be phoning in occasionally from his luxurious French vineyard outpost. Carlton Crisp tackled the prickly subject of salt and vinegar chips, and Alice Murray brought in her first ‘Seeeck Chooon’ from Australia. Oh and that Hori Buzz track is ridiculous, if you only listen to one song, make it that one. Although it’s very R18.

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