Fush and Chups, Vol. 7

Posted on: August 3, 2011

London Fields Radio’s resident New Zealanders return with more Kiwis-in-Hackney banter and fresh NZ music to spin.

This week saw Tu take the reins from a somewhat under-the-weather Dean Campbell. He was rejoined by the lovely Phil Bostwick after a two-week absence and a raft of other contributors, including Carlton Crisp, Alice Murray and Tom Martin. Tom brought some awesome new tracks from New Zealand bands A Hori Buzz and Coco Solid, teaming up with some Danish guy. Carlton revisited jubes and Alice talked about the very real horrors of earwigs.
Crime reared its ugly head again and Tu saved a train full of pregnant women. Tina Turner. A lost chihuahua. Excited? I am…


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